What type of Skinnys are right for me?

Our socks come in two styles:

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Both are cushioned with extra-thick looped terry to provide heel-wall padding that fills air gaps and helps you fit better in shoes.

In short: the Skinnys Performance are a bit thicker and more secure, and the Skinnys Invisibles are a bit lower cut.

All Skinnys feature our signature orthotic-grade GripWrapTM silicone gel grips that envelop the sides of your heels in cushioned comfort, not just the backs.

With any style of Skinnys, your heel will be free from rubbing, blistering, and popping out; and you can wear them either as no-show socks on their own, or as an underlayer beneath ankle-high socks for even more blister-protection and padding.

Skinnys Performance
Skinnys Invisibles

Skinnys Performance

Skinnys Performance 3x-padded socks are simply perfect for everyday use.

They're cut with a hidden "sneaker contour" to stay concealed in most low-top shoes like athletic shoes or mens' dress shoes, and they feature a 3x-padded heel counter, making them the thickest no-shows available on the market today.

Illustration of the Skinnys Performance features
  • Tennis shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Mens dress shoes 
  • Laced Vans
  • Chuck Taylors

If you're looking for maximum comfort, these are our most padded and secure no-show sock.

The Skinnys Performance are so secure (they'll never slip off!) because we weave them with a premium cuff that encircles your ankle.

Skinnys Invisibles

Skinnys Invisibles 2x-padded liners are the best anti-rubbing solution for slip-on shoes.

They've got a "secret liner" contour to remain invisible in most loafers and ladies' flats, and they feature a 2x-padded heel counter, unlike what you'll find in other peds or liners.

This style is the thickest liner-cut no-show available anywhere, and they're where we started our business.

Illustration of Skinnys Invisibles features
  • Loafers
  • Ladies' flats
  • Boat shoes (like Sperrys)
  • Slip-on Vans

If you're looking for comfort with slip-on shoes, these are our most hidden (but still super-cushioned) no-show sock.

The Skinnys Invisibles are specially engineered to stay on with a stay-put elastic ankle band while remaining hidden.