Will extra-thick no-show socks tighten my shoe fit?

Liner socks, no-show socks, footies.

No matter the name, they've been the rage for the past ten years for fashion and comfort, allowing people to get that "sockless look" while still being protected by socks.

But could they be used to make loose shoes fit a bit tighter?

Why are all no-show socks paper thin?

While no-show socks have proliferated across many sock manufacturers, they've generally all had one constant: they're paper thin.

This works great for people just looking to absorb a little sweat.

But for those of us who need a tighter shoe fit—because we blister in our heels or because our feet pop up or slip out of our shoes—thin socks simply won't cut it.

We need the most padded no-show socks we can find, especially in the heel area!

Skinnys are thicker to make shoes fit tighter, especially in the heel cup

Luckily we've come to the rescue with our Skinnys super-thick no-show socks that are specially padded in the heel cup to prevent blistering.

Our founder has spent his life with narrow feet and especially narrow heels (B/C-width feet with A/B heels) so loafers, Sperrys, Vans, and even some dress shoes, were out of the question for him.

Heel pads, tongue pads, and orthotic insoles just didn't work. They shifted his foot around but never stopped the rubbing!

He blistered and slipped around in anything other than sneakers unless he doubled-up on socks. And then, if he used two, his toes would be cramped because the combination was too thick in the wrong places.

So he spent 16 months working with footwear designers and consultants to develop blister-free Skinnys, extra cushioned right where they need to be in the heels:

Illustration of sock highlighting extra-thick heel cup and wrap-around silicone grip (also: stay-put elastic band, super invisible cut, and comfort-padded sole)

  • 3x-thick heel cups, padded with terry cloth (thickness compared to other no-show socks)
  • 2x-poured silicone grip that wraps all the way around the heel cup to ensure a snug fit even on the sides of the heel (compared to other brands that only use a thin layer directly behind the heel, with nothing on the sides)
  • Super-low cut to stay hidden in most slip-on walking shoes.
  • Available for women and men in various sizes

Beware: All "padded socks" are not the same

Other liners marketed as "thick" or "padded" are most often unpadded in the heel counters with little silicone to grip.

Read our blog post to see why... and how to find out if socks are actually thick in the heel!

Need even more padding?

For even more thickness and blister-protection, Skinnys can also be used as an underlayer beneath other traditional socks.

In underlayer usage, blistering is almost always completely eliminated, as the "rubbing" surface is shifted... from the edge between your skin and the sock (or shoe)... to the surfaces between the Skinnys underlayer liner sock and the outer traditional sock.

This also allows you to wear your favorite traditional fashion socks (ankle-high, calf-high, etc.) but get extra padding protection, especially in the heels.

Time to try Skinnys?

We'd love to have you try starter pack of Skinnys (in both invisible liner-cut and performance sneaker-cut styles)! We think they'll work for you, because they worked for us. And because 25% of our business is repeat customers, we're pretty sure they're becoming the best new tool in the arsenal to tighten people's step.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We're quick to respond, and we love talking to customers!