About Us

Headshot of Joey

Skinnys are the result of a decade of searching for a way to wear loafers, walking shoes, and dress shoes without blistering, rubbing, or slipping out of our shoes.

Founder Joey Katzen (an angel investor and entrepreneur) was apparently born with heels just a little too narrow to fit snugly into most shoes he wanted to wear, from Sperrys to tux shoes.

After a life spent struggling with heel pads, orthotics, doubling up on socks, and just generally being irritated finding shoes to fit, he finally decided to solve the problem for people like him.

After sixteen months working with footwear consultants, designers, factories, potential customers, and a dozen prototypes, the result is Skinnys.

Now Joey (and you too) can go out into the world without fear of our feet slipping or our heels blistering, and it doesn't even look like we're wearing socks.