Should you wear socks with loafers?

(Maybe YES if you're blistering)

Loafers, those stylish and versatile slip-on shoes, are a wardrobe staple for many. However, the question remains: should you wear no-show socks with loafers?

While fashion enthusiasts argue that loafers look best when worn sockless, some suffer in silence from blisters and discomfort. If you're one of those, worry no more!

(TL;DR: Skinnys extra-thick invisible liners might just be the lifesaver you need to enjoy your loafers without sacrificing comfort.)

Loafers and blisters: The struggle is real

Loafers are beloved for their easy slip-on design, but for some, this blessing becomes a curse.

Narrow heels or unique foot shapes can create an air gap between your heel and the shoe, causing your foot to rub against the shoe and result in painful blisters.

No-show socks to the rescue?

No-show socks seem like a simple solution, but finding the right pair to wear with loafers can be challenging. Traditional no-shows are too thin or too visible, defeating the purpose of the stylish, sockless look.

Beware: All "cushioned socks" are not the same

Many no-show liners marketed as "thick", "padded", or "cushioned" are often unpadded in the heel counters and often go cheap on the silicone grip.

Read our blog post to see why... and how to find out if socks are actually thick in the heel!

Skinnys: an almost-obvious solution

Skinnys extra-padded invisible no-show socks are the perfect companion for your loafers.

These ultra-low-cut, cushioned-heel liners are designed to be discreet while providing the comfort and support your feet need.

Extra padding in the heel cup reduces friction and helps fill the air gap that can cause blisters.

Skinnys liners also feature a wrap-around silicone grip (using twice as much silicone as other no-show socks), ensuring a snug fit that stays in place even on the sides of your heel. This additional support makes them an excellent choice for those with narrow heels or unique foot shapes.

Photo of mens feet wearing Skinnys socks
Photo of mens feet wearing loafers with Skinnys inside

If you love the look of loafers but struggle with blisters and discomfort, Skinnys liners might just be the answer you've been searching for.

With their discreet invisible design, extra padding, and wrap-around silicone grip, these liners provide the comfort and support you need to enjoy your loafers pain-free.

So go ahead and say YES to socks with loafers, and never worry about blisters again!

Ready to try Skinnys?

Illustration of sock highlighting extra-thick heel cup and wrap-around silicone grip (also: stay-put elastic band, super invisible cut, and comfort-padded sole)

We'd love to have you try a pair of Skinnys. (Or, even a 3-pack.) We think they'll work for you, because they worked for us. And because 25% of our business is repeat customers, we're pretty sure they're becoming the best new tool in the arsenal to tighten people's step.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We're quick to respond, and we love talking to customers!