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  • What are “specialty socks” and why are they more expensive?

    One question we're sometimes asked is why Skinnys cost what they do, when generic socks can be had for a few bucks a pair.

    It really comes down to what it takes to produce Skinnys and the fact that that they're not made for everyone.

  • Why do shoes slip at the heel?

    Simply put, most shoe manufacturers design their shoes for "average" heels, even though around 25% of us would benefit from a slimmer-designed heel cup.

    For those of us in the narrower group, off-the-shelf shoes often have heel cups that just have too much space—too much air—leaving a gap between the shoe and our heel. For non-padded shoes (dress shoes, loafers, boat shoes, etc.), there's even less room for error. And so our shoes slip off our feet.